It is our aim to provide our students with ample opportunities for extending their knowledge and experience of their surroundings as well as opportunities for personal and intellectual development in the English medium.


The students will:
objective develop positive attitudes towards learning English;

  • enhance their four skills of English–listening, speaking, reading and writing – to communicate effectively;
  • think critically, creatively and reflectively in preparation for independent and lifelong learning;
  • appreciate and respect various cultural festivals and customs;
  • make connections to other areas of study and life experiences outside the classroom to construct knowledge and insightful understanding.
Implementation of Strategic Plan
  • Create an authentic and print-rich environment conducive to language learning
  • Continue to develop a positive reading culture by providing reading opportunities through Process Writing, KIP Programme , NET Reading & Writing Programme and Home Reading Programme Scheme.
  • Enhance students’ reading skills through the implementation of reading strategies
  • Key Stage 1 (P.1-3): Book Concept, Predictions, Descriptions
  • Key Stage 2 (P.4-6): Skimming, Scanning, Inferring, Self-Correcting
  • Immerse students in various interactive and communicative opportunities, such as festive occasions and other school-based functions:
    1. Festive Celebration
    2. Process Writing
    3. Show And Tell
  • Provide competitive opportunities for students who are interested in putting forth their best talents
    1. North Point Government Primary School (Cloud View Road) Penmanship Competition
    2. Hong Kong School Speech Festival
    3. Talent Show
    4. Popcorn and Movie Scheme
Time to Talk Public Speaking Competition 2024

2nd Runner-up


7 students participated in the public speaking competition organized by the NET section of EDB this year. Our first team of students, 5A Kason Ng, Morrie Tse and 6D Kaden Siu, was awarded 2nd runner-up for their lively speech on the definition of true friendship. Our second team of students from 5B, including Viola Chan, Charlotte Cheung, Jacqueline Tan and Ethan Tsui, attained the merit award with their speech talking about the importance of caring for the environment. Congratulations, students!

Halloween Activity 2022

Good People, Good Deeds Writing Competition 2020-21 (Merit Award) organized by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
SOW Picture Book Design competition 英文雋語繪本設計比賽傑出奬 (Outstanding Award) organized by Education Bureau (EDB)

Chinese New Year Activity 2021

To celebrate Chinese New Year and learn to bless others in English, the English department has organized a red packet design activity for P. 1-3 and a lucky red banner design activity for P. 4-6. Students were able to use different phrases to express happiness in this joyous festival and wishes for the New Year. The following are the good work from each grade.









Christmas Card Design Activity 2020

To get into the Christmas spirit and allow students to express their care and gratitude towards their family, the English department has organized a Christmas card design activity. The following are the good work from each class.













Grant Scheme on Promoting Effective English Language
Learning in Primary Schools (PEEGS)

This programme aims to enhance P.3 and P.4 students’ exposure to non-fiction materials and to connect English learning to students’ everyday lives through the use of different media, e-learning, and task-based multi-sensory projects.

Please click here for details on the school-based PEEGS implementation plan (<- link to the plan)

P.4 students presenting their fact sheets for different food chains.

School-based Curriculum
Reading and Writing Programme

Reading and Writing Programme is a reading programme designed for students in all levels . Its prime focus is on developing the necessary reading skills in our beginning learners who are just learning to listen, speak and read English, and in our intermediate students who are ready to become better readers. In this programme, the local English teachers and the Native English-speaking Teacher work collaboratively to design and implement lesson plans which cater to the all-around language needs of the students. More importantly, the print-rich classroom environment and various reading and writing activities help to create a positive and meaningful learning environment for our students.

Students listen keenly to Mr. Carruthers storyreading
Students getting ready to do The Three Little Pigs role play
Students doing a speaking activity in class
Storytelling with Mr. Carruthers
Storytelling with Mr. Carruthers
Integrated KIP

NPCVR teachers have adapted and integrated the KP Programme from the NET Section into our School-Based Curriculum. The transition has been seamless and students are able to enjoy a consistent and language-rich learning as a result.

North Point Government Primary School (Cloud View Road) Penmanship Competition

The intent of this intra-school Penmanship Competition is to encourage students to submit their best neatly hand-written copy of a given piece of writing. Three winners were awarded to the P.1-2, P.3-4 and P.5-6 respectively. Good writing pieces were sent out to compete in the contest organized by Professional Teachers’ Union.

Hong Kong School Speech Festival

Like every other year, students from P.1-P.6participate in the Hong Kong School Speech Festival in Solo Verse Speaking and Choral Speaking.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell was added to the English Room activities this year. Participating students brought in toys from home to share with their schoolmates. They even got a chance to play with the toys after the activity.

Students take turns to show and tell about different topics in class Students used pictuires and brought in toys from home to share with their classmates. They even got a chance to play with it together during recess.

A student tells her classmate about her favourite hobby
Students do a pair show and tell activity with a picture of a black dog.
A student tells her classmate about her trip to Korea.
Process Writing

Since 2014, NPCVR started to use Process Writing as part of our Reading to Writing Programme in Key Stage 2. Students learn critical thinking skills through brainstorming and mind-mapping. Next, they put ideas into writing in the form of a draft. Teachers teach students some basic marking codes for self-editing and peer-checking. Then, students re-write and produce a final copy. Finally, students present their work to the class and exchange constructive criticism.

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